McLaren P1 GTR Captured


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Matt Black, lightweight aluminium frame (117 cm x 76 cm), with a black mount board and a yellow mount board overlay. Enclosed 8 individual prints, extracted from a TopGear magazine: Portfolio 2016.


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  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: How are the frames put together?

    A: Each frame comprises of individual pages extracted directly from a printed magazine/s or book/s. These are carefully selected so only the best prints are used to reflect the icon in question.

    Q: What types of frames are used?

    A: We use only the highest quality frames, which range from wood to aluminium.

    Q: Is each frame a one-off?

    A: Most frames are one-offs, in certain instances however we would make more than one, the absolute maximum being 10.

    Q: Is the frame numbered?

    A: Yes, each individual frame comes with a numbering plaque and certificate of authenticity.

    Q: How will the frame be sent?

    A: We make use of Aramex courier/shipping services. Each frame however is extremely fragile to ship as it is enclosed in glass. Shipping costs will therefore be determined on request. Alternatively frames can be collected or you could arrange for your own courier to collect.

  • McLaren P1 GTR Captured

    Availability: 1 in stock