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In 2012 I wrote my first feature for BMW Car magazine because it is a story that I vehemently felt needed to be told, shared with the rest of the world. I was neither a journalist nor was I paid. But it was a BMW I had been in love with for most of my life and knew that if I wrote the story of the little 2002 that even if I did not own it, that at least I would be part of its journey.


Today most of my time is spent writing about classic and collectable cars for several motoring publications in the UK. And my passion for all things automotive has just grown, which led to me creating my own Automobilia – and soon enough other enthusiasts wanted the very same.


No one can ever own every car they desire, but Vantage Fine Automotive Art gives you the opportunity to at least own a piece of the legend.


Come share in the passion!

Where It All Began

What We Do

Our fine automotive art is for the discerning motoring enthusiast and collector looking for something extraordinary. Adorn your office, boardroom, showroom or man cave with a framed automotive icon, limited edition print, custom poster or bespoke motor book.

Automotive Icons Bespoke Motor Books Limited Edition Prints Custom Posters Automotive Icons Bespoke Motor Books Limited Edition Prints Custom Posters

Who We Are

We are motoring enthusiasts that share our passion by telling stories about rare and usual classic and collectable cars from South Africa. And on this platform enable you to indulge in owning a piece of the automotive legend and even help you to create your own.

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Founder Of Vantage Fine Automotive Art – Johann Venter

Automobiles are one of my greatest passions, I am an absolute BMW fanatic, but that is not to say I don’t have an appreciation for other marques, on the contrary. I however am a true devotee of the classics. In 2012 my life was irrevocably changed…the day I decided to write my first BMW story; a BMW I had been in love with for most of my life, the little 2002. Today half my time is devoted to writing about classic and collectable cars not only for BMW Car, but several other UK and Australian publications. The other half is spent creating limited edition prints, bespoke motor books, capturing automotive icons and custom posters.

Our Founder Johann Venter With Mascot Charlie BMW 635CSi

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